How does the Father-son relationship throughout three generations shape the personalities of Okonkwo and Nwoye in Things Fall Apart?  

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There is an English proverb to the effect that trying to avoid making one’s father’s mistakes leads, all too often, to making one’s grandfather’s mistakes. Okonkwo despised his father, Unoka, who is already dead at the beginning of the book, and it has become one of the major preoccupations of his life to be as different from his father as possible. Unoka was a lazy, cowardly man: poor and unsuccessful, constantly in debt, and mainly interested in drinking and playing the flute. No one feared or respected him. He had one wife, for whom he could not provide, and took no title.

Okonkwo is the complete opposite of his father in every one of these respects. He is wealthy, feared, and respected, a brave warrior and a wrestler. He has multiple wives and barns full of yams, and he even hates music because he associates it with his father. He is a harsh disciplinarian who beats and berates his son, Nwoye , for his laziness. Nwoye is already becoming a sad-faced youth, resembling his...

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