How does the book Evicted relate to sociology?

The book Evicted relates to sociology in that the author, sociologist Matthew Desmond, focuses on the causes and ramifications of a specific social problem. He explores the impact of the housing crisis on eight families, revealing many social issues including systemic inequality, exploitative power dynamics, and the criminalization of substance abuse. The way Desmond focuses on intersecting social issues through the lens of a single one makes this book extremely informative for those interested in sociology.

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In Evicted, sociologist Matthew Desmond takes a close look at the lives of eight families impacted by the affordable housing crisis. His research leads to an analysis of all of the factors at play in the crisis, including racial and social inequity, the criminalization of substance abuse, and exploitative labors practices. This book is extremely relevant to the field of sociology in that Desmond highlights the real, devastating impacts of a major crisis...

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