How does the author portray Native Americans in Letters from an American Farmer? What are the negatives and positives?

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Crèvecœur's memoir appeared in 1782, although it was completed by the start of American Revolution. In it, a fictionalized narrator writes letters to England describing life in the Hudson Valley area of New York state. The Native Americans he describes, however, range across New England, and he describes a situation in which ancestral tribes have already been displaced and often merged with other tribes as a result of white conquest/settlement.

Crèvecœur's narrator has many positive things to say about the Indians, noting their sense of humor and their close relationship with nature. In many ways, he uses the "noble savage" paradigm to understand them as more innocent and natural than the Europeans.

In one of the most interesting passages about Native Americans, he discusses his fears of his own children being assimilated into their tribes. He speaks of the many thousands of children who, captured by the Indians, and later discovered by their parents, simply refused to return to...

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