The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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How does the appearance of Meyer Wolfsheim in the 2013 movie of The Great Gatsby successfully convey the character of the original text version of Meyer Wolfsheim in chapter 4? Clip:

The 2013 film successfully conveys the character of Meyer Wolfsheim depicted in the original text in chapter 4 by reproducing much of the dialog nearly verbatim and including the jewelry made of human teeth. Gatsby also boasts that Wolfsheim fixed the World Series, and Wolfsheim's association with corrupt politicians is shown by the luminaries at the speakeasy. His capacity for violence and unlawful actions shows when Wolfsheim says, "He keeps his mouth shut or he doesn’t get a penny."

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Meyer Wolfshiem is introduced to readers and described in very unflattering terms that were clearly negative when the author wrote them and might be considered an unacceptable depiction today when viewed through a modern lens. He is a caricature with a “flat nose” and “tiny eyes,” abrupt mannerisms, uneducated intonation and malapropisms when he speaks. Fitzgerald writes that Wolfshiem regarded Nick

with two fine growths of hair which luxuriated in either nostril. After a moment I discovered his tiny eyes in the half darkness.

Moreover, he is a gangster. Gatsby even boasts that Wolfsheim is “the man who fixed the World’s Series back in...

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