How does the 2007 film adaptation of Persuasion by Adrian Shergold compare and contrast with Jane Austen's novel Persuasion

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The 2007 version of the movie Persuasion is different from the book in several ways. The filmmakers adapted some things because of the changes in societal norms since the time of the original novel. There are also some small plot changes.

Anne Eliot, the main character, is a docile but well-bred young woman. In the film, she shows more emotion than a young woman would have at that period. She cries and acts impulsively. The Anne in the movie is not always the serene young woman Austen described. However, it would be challenging to convey the depth of Anne's emotions on film without modernizing her behavior.

The ending of the movie is very different from the book. Some changes are small: Mr. Eliot never proposes to Anne in the book, although it seems likely that he will; additionally, Anne is never confronted by Mrs. Clay, although what Mrs. Clay says to Anne is similar to how the book ends.

At the end of the film, Anne pursues Captain Wentworth assertively to let him know she loves him. A...

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