How do the terms pride, racial bigotry and jealousy cause the tragedy in othello? this question requests for the instances which these terms may have caused the tragedy in othello with quotations and effective analysis as evidence

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If you look at the opening scene where Iago and Roderigo are calling out to Brabantio and claiming that his daughter is sleeping with Othello, you see some of the uglier racial slurs and bigotry that help to define the action of the play.

"A black ram is tupping your white yew," and other insults suggest that his white daughter sleeping with the black Othello is a horrible deed, something worthy of disgust and outrage.

And this same attitude helps Iago as he pushes Othello to believe that his fair (white) wife will eventually tire of the newness of his black skin and seek after someone of her own kind (wealthy and white) in the person of Cassio.

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