How does teen obesity affect one's future health?   

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Childhood and teen obesity have become an endemic problem in the United States and are becoming a problem in other parts of the world now, too.  Obesity in the early years puts children and teens at a higher risk for life-threatening conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.  Additionally, obesity can cause musculoskeletal problems, during childhood and into adulthood.  Furthermore, there is often a psychological price to be paid for obesity, particularly in the teen years, when self-image and one's relationship with one's peers are developing.  Obese teens are more likely to be bullied, less likely to form strong friendships, and often have self-esteem problems.  Also, when it comes to employment, during the teen years and later, obese people are less likely to be hired than healthy people, which, of course, creates financial difficulties.  This is to a large degree a societal problem, too, since as a society, we should be doing everything possible to solve this problem, and also, since as a society, we all pay for this problem. 

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