How does technonlgy affect the Party's ability to control its citizens in "1984"?

Expert Answers
luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Party uses two-way telescreens to spy on people.  The telescreens are positioned in people's homes, as described in Part 1, the first few chapters, so that most of the area is visible to the camera.  This gives people few places in which they have privacy.  The Party shows programming on the telescreens such as exercise programs and political rhetoric but it also can see into the rooms.  The telescreens aren't just in people's homes; they are everywhere such as restaurants, bars, any place where people might be.  Additionally, there are hidden microphones and people never know when the Party might be listening or watching everything said or done.  Even if no one is currently watching or listening, the people don't know when the Party might be and they have to assume that they are always under surveillance.  This constant fear of being watched allows the Party to control the population.  People see enough instances of others being taken away by the Party, never to be seen again, to have cause to constantly worry about their own well-being. This fear makes the people easy to control.