how does the technology/maths and writing skills of the ancient mesapotemia affect us today..

gopikrishna | Student

Mesopotamians invented wheel that led to faster transportation and ease of movement. Mesopotamians invented many farming tools and techniques such as Irrigation.  Mesopotamians were very advanced in Astronomy Mesopotamians were first to use bronze to make tools and weapons. Mesopotamians created the first set of laws to make sure that society functioned well. Mesopotamians had irrigation, advanced medical facilities and developed written language.  They made products such as clothing, tools for farming, beautiful bowls and jewelry. They could save or accumulate their money for future and future generations. Money became the new currency; everyone wanted it. The Mesopotamian were the first people to develop the written language. The writing began as pictures, words and slowly transformed into cuneiform. Hammurabi’s code was very important because it explained the right and wrong actions in the society. The law was made to make sure that society functioned well.

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