How does technology influence the perception of young Indians (Orvil, Edwin, Daniel) on their identities, and how does it reconnect them to their native origins?

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Technology plays a large role in the lives and identities of the young Indians Orvil, Edwin, Daniel, and Dene. In some instances, technology connects them to their native origins, such as for Orvil and Dene. However, in other cases technology acts more as an obstacle for connection to native origins, such as with Daniel and Edwin.

Orvil becomes enraptured with powwow dancers through watching YouTube videos. Through the technology of YouTube and listening to traditional Native American songs on with his phone, Orvil is able to access an element of his culture and identity that his grandmother would not have allowed him to otherwise. It is through the technology of online streaming that Orvil reconnects with his native origins.

Filmmaker Dene Oxedene also uses technology to enhance his relationship with his native origins. He is directing a documentary where he films his conversations with as many Indians living in the Bay Area as he can. His goal is to circulate and share the diversity of native people and their narratives in Oakland.

On the other hand, Daniel who is a technology whiz does not always use technology to connect positively with his native origins. He assists his cousins in their idea to rob the powwow by making 3D-printed guns. The symbolism of the guns is particularly painful in relation to the native American history in the United Staes since so many Indians were killed with guns. In this sense, Daniel's relationship with technology connects him to his native origins through the history of pain and violence.

Likewise, Edwin's relationship with technology is not so positive. At the beginning of the novel, Edwin suffers from addiction to the internet and in particular to playing virtual reality games, so much so that his physical health has deteriorated. By the end of the novel, he obtains a job as an intern for the powwow and gradually cuts his addiction to the virtual reality games that had ensnared him.

All four of these young Indians have an intimate relationship with technology. However, the role technology plays in terms of connecting them to their native origins is varied.

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