The Circle Questions and Answers
by Dave Eggers

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How does technology impact human connections in The Circle?

Technology has an injurious impact on human connections in The Circle. PartiRank turns human interaction into a competition. Mae sends zings, joins discussion groups, and leaves comments to raise her rank, not to sincerely interact with other people. All of the cameras also have an adverse impact on Mae's relationships. When she walks in on her parents having sex, her followers see it, too.

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In The Circle, we think it's safe to say that technology has an unhealthy impact on human connections and interactions.

One of the ways in which we first see how technology influences how people relate to one another is through PartiRank. What is PartiRank? According to Gina,

It's just an algorithm-generated number that takes into account all your activity in the InnerCircle.

At first, Mae thinks how much attention she gives her PartiRank is up to her. What does she find out? She finds out it's not as optional as she thinks. Her ensuing determination to improve her PartiRank leads her to stay after work so she can send zings, RSVP to events, join discussion groups, post comments,...

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