How Does Technology Affect Us

How does technology affect people today?

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Along the lines of one of the points above, we can say that technology helps to increase efficiency of production and to make production safer. Using technology to improve industrial effeciency helps to save energy and resources, which has a long-term effect on a global scale. 

On a more personal level, computer technology often functions as a means of assitance, whether in regards to travel (GPS) or information (Google). 

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Technology affects people today in so many ways, both positive and negative.  I will list a few of each.

For positive effects:

  • Agricultural technology allows farmers to produce more food.
  • Medical technology gives us longer, healthier lives.
  • Technology such as the internet and telephones helps us stay in touch with people we love.
  • That sort of technology also makes our lives more fun.

Some negatives:

  • Technology needs energy, which leads to pollution and global climate change.
  • Computers and the internet allow for things like much easier identity theft.
  • Technology like video games and TV help make us less healthy.  They also allow us to lose touch with other people as we stay at home and entertain ourselves electronically.
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