How does technology affect the overall dynamics of communication in professional settings?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that we can take two different points of view to this.  On one hand, technology has impacted the dynamics of communication by making it more immediate.  Emails have become the standard form of communication within businesses.  Organizations can have virtual meetings and really reduce the idea of face to face time.  This has increased efficiency and allows more to be done in a small amount of time.  The flipside to this is that communication has become less personal, and more technical with a paper trail.  Email correspondence can be viewed as evidence in court and litigation proceedings.  It also creates a realm where companies are able to engage in surveillance over their employees.  Due to this, there is a greater sense of blurring between what is public information and what is private.  Technology has helped to create this blurring and a realm where employees use it, especially when provided by the employer, and must live with a firm understanding that everything is public and all browsing habits and posting tendencies are subject to external scrutiny.