How does taj group of hotels prevent internal cannibilizations from ginger hotels?i need to conduct a survey to sort out the solution of this question..can u please help me how to go for it?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One reason why the Taj hotels will be able to prevent internal cannibalization from Ginger hotels is because the former owns the latter.  The Ginger hotels' corporation is Roots Corporation Limited (RCL), which is a subsidiary of Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL).  IHCL is the primary owner of Taj hotels.  This coopting between corporations is the main reason why the Taj hotels' interest won't be overtaken by the Ginger hotels.  As they only started operation within the last four to five years, the Ginger hotels is trying to find and establish its own economic niche or share of the market, whereas the Taj hotels have been a staple of Indian hospitality for quite a bit.  Given the fact that the company's interests are served with both appealing to their respective customer bases, it does not seem to me that one is going to be able to take the other one entirely out of the picture or overrun the other.