How does sugar molecules inside a cell ( the baggy) affect the rate of osmosis and why?cells

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Osmosis is the net movement of molecules of water, from an area of high concentration of water (low solute) to an area of low concentration of water(high solute), across a cell membrane. A baggy can represent the cell membrane. If the inside of the baggy has a high concentration of solute, in this case sugar molecules mixed with water and is sealed, this can represent a cell. If this is placed in a large beaker filled with only water, a concentration gradient will exist. There will be a higher concentration of water outside the"cell" than inside. Inward osmosis will occur. This will cause the baggy to fill up with water, until the concentration of water molecules outside and inside the "cell" are at an equilibrium. Sometimes, this can result in a cell bursting if osmosis continues and the cell is unable to store all of the incoming water.