How does a strong culture influence organizational performance?Actually this is connected with Organizational Behaviour

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Organizational culture refers to common behavior patters within the group of people constituting the organization. A strong organizational culture means that people within the organization tend to have similar beliefs and behavior patterns. A strong organization culture also means that there is less tolerance for behavior that deviates from the accepted patterns. Weak organization culture on the other hand means that influence of the organizational culture in shaping the behavior if its individual member is weak rather than strong.

Strength of organizational culture is an important factor in determining the organizational performance. But much more important is the extent to which the pattern of behavior supported by it is in line with the requirements of an organization. An advertising organization can be more effective when its members are innovative and creative. This requires a culture which promotes people ready to take risks and experiment with new things. As compared to this the employees in a a hospital may need to be more cautious, requiring very different kind of culture.

The impact of strength of organizational culture itself is mixed. A strong organization culture tends to bind together the people of the organization and contributes to smoother functioning. However, a strong culture also tends to build in rigidities in the organization. It discourages change, and  inhibits creativity. Therefore, a very strong organization culture may not be very suitable for organization operating in dynamic environment, requiring frequent changes in its working style.

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