How does Strictly Ballroom represent the experiences and notions of belonging?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that that much of the experience of belonging has to revolve around Fran.  Scott is considered to "belong" and is considered to be an insider force, given the fact that his family has dancing in their established pedigree.  Fran is seen as an outsider and seeks to belong through her association with Scott.  For his part, Scott offers some resistance and views her attempts with some skepticism, but eventually comes around to embracing her as both dance partner and potential romantic partner.  The notions and experiences of belonging center on the idea that individuals view one another as ends in of themselves, as opposed to means to ends.  When the opportunity presents itself to dance with someone else to supposedly guarantee a victory, Scott understands Fran's authenticity and embraces her regardless of success or failure.  In the end, the theme of belonging is shown as something where adversity is present and through a sense of understanding the entire persona, an individual is able to find some level where they actually do belong, and move from margin to center.