How does the story  "The Sniper" highlight the futility of wars?  Cite examples from the story to show how the protagonist undergoes a wide range of feeling.

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the story "The Sniper", the protagonist goes through many emotions and his wide range illustrate the fulility of war.  First of all, he is on the rooftop waiting, waiting for something to happen.  When he lights a cigarette out of boredom, I think, he gives away his position to an enemy sniper on the opposite rooftop. He also sees an old woman below pointing him out to a tank and the soldiers within.  The sniper shoots the soldier, the old woman, and prepares to take out the other sniper. When the other sniper wounds him, he has to take care of his injury by himself, and finds himself thinking with disgust that this is all useless, that the war will prove nothing.  He then tricks the enemy sniper into thinking he is dead which leads the other sniper to stand up.  The sniper shoots him dead, and then is filled with remorse at the folly of war, of killing people we don't know.  He then visits the enemy sniper, turning him over and discovering that  he has killed his own brother.  This ironic discovery drives home the point that war is futile and useless to everyone.