How does the story princess september show that the secret of happiness is freedom? 

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When Princess September's pet parrot dies, she is greatly saddened. However, she cheers up when a little bird flies into her room and sings to her. The little bird's singing is so beautiful that it gladdens Princess September's heart immensely. The bird offers to be her pet in place of her dead parrot; after all, he reasons that he is a much better singer, despite not being much to look at.

Princess September lets her pet bird come and go as he pleases. When the bird is late coming back from his father-in-law's party, she is wracked with anxiety and worry. She wonders if perhaps her sisters are not right in suggesting that she gives her pet too much freedom. Princess September proceeds to put the little bird in a cage. However, he soon suffers such great unhappiness that he is unable to sing. Her sisters insist that the Princess should be firm in her resolve and not give in to the bird's pleas to be let out. In the end, upon finding her pet bird almost dead from misery, she releases him.

His words are telling: "I will come because I love you, little Princess."

These words show that the secret to happiness for ourselves and for those we love is the freedom to choose. This freedom is essential to trust within any relationship. When the bird felt that he was trusted, his desire to return was strengthened. This freedom to choose gave Princess September and the bird much happiness. The Princess grew in beauty, and the bird continued to rejoice in the Princess's trust in him.

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