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In Chapter 8, Jay Gatsby has been murdered, so he is out of the story before the final chapter.

The final chapter consists of Nick Carraway's memories of what happened after Gatsby was murdered.  He remembers the police questioning and he remembers the funeral.  In particular, he remembers that essentially no one went to the funeral.  He did and a few of the servants, but mostly people didn't care enough about Gatsby to go to his funeral.

The chapter ends with Nick going back to Gatsby's place for one last look.  He looks out at the boats on the water and thinks of the meaning of Gatsby's life.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the novel "The Great Gatsby" everyone is cheating on everyone.  Tom is having an affair with his mistress while being married to Daisy.  Daisy is having an affair with Gatsby while being married to Tom.  Tom's mistress and her husband prepare to leave town after her husband finds out about the affair.  She is hit by a car, Gatsby's car.  Her husband goes crazy and goes to Gatsby.  In the meantime, Tom has confronted Gatsby and his wife.  Tom is a manipulative man and he confronts Daisy by asking her if she ever loved him.  She of course did.  Tom knows he has won and that she will leave Gatsby to return to him.  In the meantime the distressed husband arrives believing that Gatsby had killed his wife.  Gatsby is going to his pool for a swim with a float over his shoulder.  Shots are heard.  Wilson, the husband had shot Gatsby and then killed himself.  He is lying on the grass. Nick later runs into Tom who is going to buy a necklace.  He refuses to shake Tom’s hand and confronts him about what Tom had told Wilson.  Tom really believes that he had done right telling Wilson that Gatsby had killed his wife.  It was not true.  In the end it was Gatsby who had been good not Tom and Daisy.  They were two people who just used other people up.

udonbutterfly | Student

The Great Gatsby ends with Nick coming to a conclusion to leave the West Egg because of the lifestyle that was prominent in the area was not one he would like to be apart of. During his time of departing he reflects the death of Gatsby and how empty his funeral was.

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