The Tiger in the Tunnel by Ruskin Bond

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How does the story bring out Baldeo's courage, dedication and sense of responsibility? 

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Baldeo's sense of honor is integral to the story.  Baldeo has to take his extra job as a watchman to supplement the family's income.  He is not necessarily excited or passionate to be a watchman. Yet, his dedication to his family is what compels him to undertake the second job.  His courage is evident in how he faces the possibility of wild animals and challenges from the wilderness without fear.  He realizes that there are threats, dangerous and full of peril.  Yet, he does not waver from what he has to do in terms of carrying out his duty, reflective of his courageous condition.  He looks out for his son on that fateful night, recognizing his responsibility as a father.  He tells Tembu to stay in the hut where it is warmer, as opposed to going out in the darkness.  Baldeo is a responsible night watchman, as he does not fail to carry out his duty to light the lamp.  Even when he is attacked by the tiger, Baldeo displays responsibility by not running for cover, but rather facing down what he knows he must.  The driving force of the story is to highlight how Baldeo's courage, dedication, and sense of responsibility prove to be an example.  This is seen when Tembu recognizes what he must do in resuming the job that his father so valiantly saw through to his own death.

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