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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The final few paragraphs of this novel end where the first chapter started. If you remember, the novel begins with David's dream of a strange city with odd flying machines. This example of foreshadowing is fulfilled if you like at the end of the novel, when David, Rosalind and Petra reach Sealand with the woman who has taken them away from the Fringes. David begins this final section by asserting a direct similarity between what he is seeing and his boyhood dreams. However, what is more fascinating about this city is that Rosalind and David can hear lots and lots of people just like them, who are able to communicate by telepathy in the same way that they can:

I was aware of theĀ engineerĀ in our machine communicating with someone below, but behind that, as a background to it, there was something new and unknown to me. In terms of sound it could be not unlike the buzzing of a hive of bees; in terms of light, a suffused glow.

This is the "happy ending" of this story. David, Rosalind and Petra have finally reached a place where they are accepted for who they really are. They need not dissemble or hide their true gifts any more as they have found a community where others like themselves live and which they can be a part of. They have found "home".