How does Miss Stephanie Crawford feel about the Finches in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Miss Stephanie Crawford is a longtime friend and neighbor of Atticus and the family. The "neighborhood scold" and unrepentant gossip, Miss Stephanie provides Jem and Scout with most of their information about Boo Radley and other news about town. She is not as close a friend to the Finches as the loyal Miss Maudie, who minds her own business and provides the children with tasty cakes and good advice. We can assume that Miss Stephanie includes the Finch family in her gossipy broadcasts, since she is the first person to spread the news about Atticus's confrontation with Bob Ewell. She enjoys Atticus's retort to Bob about being "too old" to fight, however:

Miss Stephanie said you had to hand it to Atticus Finch, he could be right dry sometimes.  (Chapter 23)

Little information is provided in the novel concerning Miss Stephanie's opinion of the Finches, but the children seem to take her with a grain of salt. She provides a source of information about the townspeople but she also is quick to point out their faults; she is the first to notice Jem in his underwear on the night he loses his pants on the Radley fence, and she pokes fun at Scout about needing to wear dresses more often at the Missionary Circle tea.

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