How does the status of women in Tang and Song China compare/contrast with the status of women in other societies. 

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Women in this time period in China are said to have been relatively advantaged compared to women in other societies.  This was true more for high-class women than for the great majority of women.

The great majority of women in China in that time, as in just about every society in the world, lived on farms.   These were women whose lives revolved around hard work.  Ideas of rights and such would have had little to do with their lives.

On the high end of the social scale, though, Chinese women were relatively well off.  They were allowed a great deal of freedom and are said to have been active in politics (with the Empress Wu Ze-tian being the most extreme example) and culture.  This was a luxury not avaialble to women in most countries at the time.