How does SSTLS relate to anarchism?

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Super Sad True Love Story has elements of anarchism in it.  Mainly the former United States is a shell of its former self.  Its economy is in the gutter and is more or less "owned" by China.  Social networking is key and media and entertainment serve as devices to control the general population of people. 

China eventually decides to pull their financial support to the United States and chaos erupts.  People are killed, food and water are tough to come by, etc. Eventually American citizens find out that the United States has been dissolved and is being parceled out and sold in pieces to other countries, companies, individuals, whatever. New York, for example, is being sold off as a "prize city" for the wealthy and their opulent lifestyles. Anybody who can't afford it is to be evicted/evacuated. The two main characters' marriage falls apart when she leaves in order to find a better financial supporter. He leaves the country.  

I would say all of that together is not a positive endorsement of anarchism. If anything it shows the power and necessity of a centralized governing body. That doesn't necessarily mean big government, but it definitely shows a need for more than just a bunch of loosely bound self governing bodies or citizens.  


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