How does the spring signal a new beginning to Wang Lung in The Good Earth?

Expert Answers
teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Spring signals a new beginning to Wang Lung in The Good Earth because his life, hopes, and dreams are tied directly to his land.  As a farmer, Wang Lung's livelihood comes from the profit that he makes from the farm.  He is able to feed himself and his family from his own labor, and as his fields produce more food, he is able to sell the extra at the market.  Wang Lung saves the silver to buy more land thinking that the more land he has, the more crops he will be able to produce.  When there is a hard year in terms of weather, Wang Lung can do nothing but hope that the following year will be more favorable.  He and his family must sit out the winter with whatever they have saved and wait for the spring.  So literally, the spring is a new beginning because it gives Wang Lung the opportunity to start over on the farm.  Figuratively, this chance to start over is a new beginning for Wang Lung to realize his hopes and dreams of becoming a richer man.