How do spectator sports affect tourism in Louisiana?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most local spectator sports do not really affect the amount of tourism in Louisiana.  After all, most people who watch the Saints or the Hornets or the LSU Tigers already live in the state.  Their dollars would have been spent in the state anyway.

However, Louisiana is often home to major special spectator sports events.  For example, New Orleans is going to host the 2013 Super Bowl and has hosted many other Super Bowls as well.  In addition, the Sugar Bowl is played every January as one of the BCS bowl series.  The Superdome is also one of the stadiums in the rotation for hosting the BCS National Championship game.  These events are said to have a major impact on the tourist trade in Lousiana since they draw many fans from outside the state.  The last Super Bowl played in New Orleans is estimated to have added $292 million to the state's economy.

Some sports economists dispute figures like this.  However, many economists do believe that major events like those mentioned add significantly to the tourism dollars spent in Louisiana.