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How does the South African Communist Party change Marxist-Leninist ideals to fit the needs of South Africa?

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I think that one specific alteration that the South African Communist Party makes from its Marxist- Leninist base is to modify their platform to speak to the issue of race.  For the traditional Communist party, economic issues and material reality is the base of their platform.  For the South African Communist Party, though, the critical element is to address the issue of race in an apartheid and post- apartheid setting.  The South African Communist Party does this with its articulation of a "non- racial element."  In the attempt to recruit Africans who might have been more inclined to join the African National Congress in the attempt to be represented in a racially driven contingent, the South African Communist Party sought to embrace a position where race was not an issue.  Race had to be represented because of the racial climate in South Africa. It is in this element where I think that the party had to change some of its traditional Marxist- Leninist ideals to fit the climate of South Africa, one in which race, and not class, was the dominant issue in the political discourse.

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