In "Brave New World" how does society label John?

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The official word label that they give him is "The Savage," which is a tag that is given to him because he came from the savage tribes, which don't live in modern society with the rest of them.  The savages live a lot like natives in countries before they were settled by Europeans back in the day, with a culture that is very different from the brave new world that Huxley imagined.

So, he is "the savage," and beyond the word tag, he is quite a hit in their society. He is a fascinating and curious item for people to come view and wonder at.  He is the latest fad, and everyone wants to come get a look at him.  He is treated like a museum exhibition, and launches Bernard to instant popularity, since to get to John, you had to go through Bernard.  It is an interesting phenomenon that occurs, and John "The Savage" hates it.  He feels like a specimen pinned to a board, which, he pretty much is, symbolically speaking.  He is poked, prodded, pulled about, fawned over, and treated like an object, rather than a human being with real things to say and offer.  He is a curiosity, and that is it, an entertainment item for these people to fill their time with.  Eventually, he will reject his popularity, and refuse to attend any more functions, fed up with it all.  I hope that those thoughts helped; good luck!

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