How do social institutions contribute to the problem of poverty in the US?This is term paper that I need to view fron the stand point of Social Structure in Sociology 101.

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jenbason eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Social institutions were originally designed to assist the unemployed and under-employed to basically be able to feed their families, and get their "head above water" so to speak.  This was meant as a temporary measure to provide assistance during times of need.  The fact that now, in our current age, social systems for some are not temporary, but rather used as long term ways of existance, is a problem.  If a family receives governmental assistance for food, for example, $500 per month, they become adjusted to this amount not coming out of their income. Therefore, they continuously rely on support from the government.  It then becomes a low bar, because having more income would disqualify them for a benefit they had become accustomed to.