How does the social criticism in Animal Farm act as a tool for improving society?thank you!

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Social criticism attempts to place a moment or a literary work in its due place by emphasizing on how its theme would affect society, or individuals.

In the case of Animal Farm, the criticism is clear in that the story demonstrates the capability of any individual whether educated or not, to either make or break society if such individual is influential enough to create a paradigm, idea, or society for others to follow.

The characters in Animal Farm  were once typical farm animals with a hope to be treated fairly. This desire became an ambition that, eventually turned into a thirst that made them turn despotic, bold, cold-blooded, and mean-spirited. This is allegorical tohuman behavior and how totalitarian governments can destroy society.

Hence, the best way social criticism can help improve society is by showing society how bad things could get if certain behaviors are allowed to run rampant without an ounce of common sense. Therefore, social criticism in the story helps us mirror our own weaknesses as leaders and as followers and help us avoid seeing life emulating art, nor vice versa.