How does Simon react to the stranger when he sees him in "What Men Live By"?

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Simon is frightened when he first sees the stranger. He hurries away from him.

As Simon approaches the church, he sees something white against it. At first, he thinks it's a cow. Then he realizes that it's a naked man against the chapel. He isn't sure whether the man is alive or dead.

When the man doesn't move, the cobbler begins to believe that he's dead and that someone has thrown his body down there. Simon is concerned that someone will blame him for the man's death and that he'll get in trouble if he stops, so he hurries by.

Then he looks back and sees the naked man moving and looking at him. Simon wonders whether the man might attack him or choke him if he goes back to him. He wrestles with his conscience and eventually realizes that he isn't wealthy and doesn't have much to lose. He doesn't think it's right to keep walking away. So he turns and goes back to the stranger.

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