How does Simon help the littluns throughout Lord of the Flies?

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Simon helps the little'uns by showing them concern when no one else displays special concern for their welfare. When he helps them pick fruit and gives them the best fruits he can find in the jungle, Simon is showing selflessness by putting their interests ahead of his own. In this way, he is acting towards the youngsters as a nurturing adult would, and perhaps, because Simon's manner with the littlest survivors feels parental, he is viewed as mature and insightful by many scholars.

Simon has also been described as a Christ-figure by some scholars of Golding's The Lord of the Flies, and his connection to the children is part of the body of evidence used to support this theory as stories exist around Jesus' own closeness towards children while he was alive.

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Simon helps the littluns in several scenes throughout the novel Lord of the Flies. Simon is depicted as the "Christ-figure" throughout the story. He is a selfless character who is knowledgeable about human nature, fear, and evil. The littluns are the smallest boys on the island and rely on the aid and protection of characters like Simon, Piggy, and Ralph. Simon cares for the littluns and in Chapter 3, while he is walking towards the forest, he stops and picks the "choicest" fruit from the top of the trees and gives it to the littluns. Simon also helps Ralph build shelters for the littluns. The littluns dream of the "beastie" and the shelter not only protects them from the environmental elements, but also gives them comfort at night. In Chapter 7, when the boys are exploring the mountain in hopes of finding and killing the beast, Simon volunteers to walk through the forest alone to let Piggy and the littluns know where they're at. Simon risks potential danger walking through the forest alone, and considers the feelings of the littluns and Piggy. 

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