How does Shakespeare's play Othello show the theme of marriage?

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Marriage in William Shakespeare`s Othello appears as an ideal that is imperfectly realized due to human frailty.

The most important marriage in the play is that of Othello and Desdemona. The couple are intellectually and emotionally suited to each other, and both in many ways admirable, and yet the marriage starts problematically with elopement because Desdemona`s father is prejudiced against Othello. Despite their deep love for each other, Othello`s trusting Iago leads to his insanity and murder of Desdemona, suggesting that male friendship in this period can sway the intellect far more than the words of an intelligent and loyal wife.

Iago`s marriage to Emilia is poisoned by Iago`s jealousy.

The Cassio-Bianca relationship shows that the position of a mistress is even less secure than that of a wife.