How does Shakespeare use setting to emphasise the central themes of Hamlet?

ellaward | Student

I was referring to settings that specifically link to the major themes of Hamlet

for instance, the graveyard communicates morality etc.

arkaless | Student

Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet is set in the late middle ages i.e.14th and 15th centuries, and the play's action occurs mostly in and around the royal palace in Elsinore, Denmark, although there are references to several other lands like France, Germany, Norway, Poland, and England. Shakespeare himself is believed to have visited Elsinore and the Elsinore Castle. In the very early years of the seventeenth century when Hamlet was written, Denmark was England's commercial rival in the Baltic trade. It was therefore quite acceptable for Shakespeare's audiences to believe that something was "rotten" in Denmark. The English audiences were also prepared to believe that the Danes were given to drunken disposition and doubtful moral behaviour.