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What does Shakespeare show about relationships in Much Ado About Nothing ?

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Shakespeare tells us a great deal about relationships in Much Ado About Nothing. He particularly shows us what character traits are necessary for people to possess in order for relationships to be successful, such as trust, forgiveness, and lack of pride.

The importance of trust is especially portrayed through Claudio and Hero's relationship. Twice Claudio allowed himself to be tricked into believing that someone he loved had questionable character by a person that he already knew had questionable character. The first time he was tricked, the morally questionable Don John led Claudio to believe...

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wanderista | Student

I believe Shakespeare demonstrates that all relationships are different. Shakespeare does this by contrasting Hero and Claudio's relationship, to Benedick and Beatrice's.

Hero is a quiet, obedient, shy and feminine woman who marries the valiant, manly and noble Claudio. Claudio acts as if he has purchased Hero, and she is his asset. This relationship was one view of the role of gender; a patriarchal family with a dominating male and an obedient female.

However, the relationship with Benedick and Beatrice is much more different. Beatrice is an outspoken, intelligent, witty and confident woman who possesses masculine characterisitcs, like a need for revenge. She enjoys exchanging insults with Benedick.

I agree with tamarakh, as well. Shakespeare also shows that different personalities work better with different people. Could you imagine Claudio and Beatrice being together? It just wouldn't work, and same for the idea of Hero and Benedick being married. Different characteristics attract different people.