How does Shakespeare connect to the Elizabethan Theater & The Globe Theater?

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shaketeach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Shakespeare was one of many playwrights writing for the popular theatre at this time.   James Brubage built The Theatre in 1576 in Shoreditch as a home for his company, The Lord Chamberlain's Men.  It was the first permanent theatre.  Once built, other playhouses like The Rose, The Curtain and The Swan were built.  Many of them were built across the Thames from the city of London in the red light district.  This area was outside the law of the city, so to speak.

Shakespeare was a shareholder with The Lord Chamberlain's Men.  He was also the chief playwright as well as an actor with them.  Due to a dispute with the farmer who owned the field where The Theatre stood, the company moved it across the Thames and rebuilt it.  The rebuilt theatre was called The Globe.   Shakespeare remained the chief playwright until he retired and sold his share to John Fletcher.  Richard Burbage, James son, was the chief actor and many of Shakespeare's greatest roles were written for him.

When Elizabeth died and James I became king, the company got royal patronage and was renamed the King's Men.

lullabies | Student

shakspeare was a great writer, the globe theatre was where he put on most or alot of his plays where people from upper middle andlower class would come and watch, the globe therater was sectioned into diffrent sections for the classes of society
Shakespear is connected to elizibeathen thearter because that is the period of time that they called it when Queen elizibth I ruled.
women were not alloed to act in those days so men dressed up as women.
i hoped this helped if yu have any other questions i am happy to anwser