How does Shakespeare create comedy in A Midsummer Night's Dream?

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What makes comedy, among other things, is contrast. This play is full of contrast. The Mechanicals/Clowns are contrasted with Nobles and Fairies. Another element of comedy is literalism. The Clowns take everything absolutely literally and all things to them are of equal seriousness. The fairies provide us with a way of seeing the mortals through their eyes and they find the behaviors of the mortals hilarious and therefore so do we.

It is important to remember that each character has intentions, desires, and a powerful reason to be wherever he or she is. These often conflicting intentions and the passions that accompany them create all the set-ups for great comedy. Every character represents an aspect of ourselves. We are intended to laugh at ourselves with compassionate recognition and pleasure.

One classic way to create comedy is through irony . Irony takes place when words, actions, or plot development contradict what is intended or expected to happen. Shakespeare uses many instances of...

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