How does The Shakeseare Stealer end?I have to do a book report, but I don't have enough time to read the whole book.  Please help!

Expert Answers
Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Julia helps Widge by practicing with him every day.  When the day of the performance finally arrives, Widge knows his lines so well that he feels that he truly is Ophelia.  Widge does so well, in fact, that he is complimented by the Queen herself.  But all is not well.  Nick is seen speaking to the Falconer, and he knows he's busted.  However, Widge soon learns that Nick has stolen the play, and he risks his life to save it.  The Falconer dies.  Chambelain's men hear the whole story and they are kind to Wigde.  They allow him to remain an apprentice.  Widge finally comes to understand the true meaning of loyalty, family, and friendship.  Hope this helps! 

jasonbrown904 | Student

so at the end, nick gangs up wit falconer, and nick takes the play book, so then widge and Mr Armin go after them to get the play book bck, and on their way they like flip the boat while crossing the river, then like they get to the gate where falconer has to go to pass, and the homeless person there tells them no one passed, so they w8 and then he comess, and Mr Adrim and Falconer duel while Widge takes the book, and Mr adrim beats falconer, then like falconer is going to die, so falconer says: Widge want to know your true master, so he like takes his skin off, even though it was a mask, and you see its Simon Bass, and then Simon Bass dies.

(i know this because i have to do those book projects too, but i like actually read the book)