How does the setting of the story "Shiloh" contribute to our understanding of it?

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In the short story “Shiloh” the reader is given the setting of a place in Kentucky.  One is also told that the man is at home with his wife after having an injury that has changed his ability to be a long haul trucker.  The setting is important because it gives one an understanding of the values of the people and their level of knowledge.  If the story took place in New York City, the characters would think and act differently.  By knowing the setting, one is able to create a mental image of the lifestyle of the couple.  In addition, the mother of the woman keeps telling the couple that they need to visit Shiloh.  For people from the region, it is common to visit old Civil War sites.  The site could have two meanings; the battle and destruction of their marriage and the place where healing could begin.

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