How does the setting of Mrs. Jones' house in "Thank You, Ma'm" contribute to your sense of the kind of person she is?

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Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones is a poor but humble and hard-working woman. Her home is reflective of her Spartan lifestyle: She boards in a house which other families share and lives in a single room with a kitchenette and daybed on which she sleeps. She works late hours at a beauty shop in a nearby hotel, and when she comes home at night, she eats and then goes to bed. She is a kind and friendly woman, evidenced by her behavior toward the boy who tries to rob her: Instead of having him arrested, she takes pity on him, washing his face and fixing him a meal before giving him $10 to buy his coveted pair of blue suede shoes. The house in which she lives is also a friendly place, and the other tenants--like herself--leave their doors open, creating a sense of familial trust that she tries to impart upon Roger.


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