How does the setting of The Most Dangerous Game influence the conflict between Rainsford and Zaroff and the conclusion of the story?

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The most dangerous game takes place on the completely secluded Ship-Trap Island, where Rainsford is trapped and forced to avoid General Zaroff without any help or outside influence. The isolated nature of the setting enhances the Man vs. Man conflict and assures that Rainsford must rely on his own expertise and skills to outwit the general. The treacherous environment on Ship-Trap Island adds another conflict to the story as Rainsford must traverse the difficult, unfamiliar terrain to avoid Zaroff. On Ship-Trap Island, General Zaroff has an overwhelming advantage and is familiar with every region and formation on the island. The ominous reputation of the island setting increases the intensity of the story and forces Rainsford to rely on his intellect and primitive instincts to survive the most dangerous game. Rainsford is completely separated from the outside world, and his isolation on the treacherous island enhances his competitive nature. Rainsford is aware that in order to survive he must kill or be killed because there is virtually no escaping the island. In the end, Rainsford successfully wins the most dangerous game by jumping into the treacherous sea to avoid Zaroff. Later that night, Rainsford sneaks into the general's room and ends up killing him.

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First of all, Rainsford has nowhere else to go after falling off his yacht and swimming ashore on the mysterious Ship-Trap Island. Although his travelling companions may be counted upon to search for him, Rainsford must realize that it may be days or weeks before he is rescued. The isolated locale of the island precludes any outside interference, so Rainsford knows he is on his own. Zaroff knows every inch of his island, and he gives Rainsford just enough information about the dangers there to keep his "guest" on his toes. Rainsford decides that he has a better chance of eluding Zaroff with the rocks below; and in the end, when Rainsford confronts the surprised Russian in his bedroom, Rainsford also realizes that Zaroff will have no one to save him when he continues the illicit hunt.

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