How does the setting affect the plot in A Lesson Before Dying?In chapter 11-20 how does the setting effects the plot and character? (Lesson Before Dying)

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The setting has a large impact on the plot of A Lesson Before Dying.  The novel is set in Bayonne, a small town in Louisiana.  A specific date is not given, but the descriptions of the residents' lifestyles indicate that the time is past the Civil Rights Era, but not past the mentality of segregation.  Jefferson has been accused of murder because he was seen around the scene of the murder, and the townspeople are happy to use him as a scapegoat for the crime--presumably because he is black.  Grant, the narrator, is the only educated black man in the town and is asked by his family to visit Jefferson in jail.  Jefferson's visitors are given a hard time by the police officers in charge.  These incidences suggest that the atmosphere in the setting of the story affects the ways that the characters are treated and the ways that they behave.

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