How does the setting in "The Chrysanthemums" relate to the theme of passion?

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The farm that Elisa and her husband live on is isolated and not near town.  They are very closed off from the outside world.  An important part of the setting is the farm's fences.  They are used to enclose the farm, which is symbolic of the way that Elisa and her husband are enclosed.  Also, Elisa feels closed off from her husband because he only sees her passion, the chrysanthemums, for their large stature.  He does not see the beauty in them like she does and he only sees their practicality.  This is a large obstacle for Elisa and her husband and their relationship.  Elisa has great passion for her flowers and their beauty; however, her husband does not share this passion, which hurts Elisa greatly.

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