How does Septimus' death affect Clarissa and Lucrezia in "Mrs. Dalloway"?

Expert Answers
pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Clarissa Dalloway identifies with Septimus Warren Smith's views on the meaning of life, she questions whether it is ever possible to be truly happy.

When Septimus commits suicide, Clarissa is hosting her party, she feels guilty.

"She understands the choice of suicide. Her busy habits and parties seem like unworthy trifles, while suicide is a statement about life. She senses the great chasm between those who make this statement and herself."

After Septimus throws himself out the window. his wife, Lucrezia understands what he has done. 

"Dr. Holmes sees it, as does Rezia a moment after. Everyone is upset, and they move clumsily in their distress. Big Ben tolls six o’clock. People think to distract themselves, or they retreat into their memories. Mrs. Filmer appreciates the doctor’s ability to take charge of the situation. He says Rezia must sleep."