How does Scout describe Little Chuck Little?

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mrwickline eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Little Chuck Little is one of the many poor students in Miss Caroline’s first grade class. Scout describes Chuck Little as having phenomenal patience with all living things, following an incident where Miss Caroline is spooked after witnessing a “cootie” crawl out of Burris Ewell’s head.  Scout says that Little Chuck Little was a “born gentleman,” after he comforts Miss Caroline and tries to calm her down. Chuck Little politely fetches cool water for Miss Caroline, which demonstrates his courteous character. Scout continues her description of Chuck Little by referring to him as “diminutive” (unusually small) when he confronts Burris Ewell and says, “I’d soon’s kill you as look at. Now go home.” (3.37) Although Little Chuck Little is small, he displays courage and wit after he “put his hand in his pocket,” implying that he had a knife. It is unclear as to whether Chuck Little was armed, but his actions frightened Burris enough to make him leave.

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