How does Schindler change over the course of the movie Schindler's List? How are his values, opinions, and view of the world changed when he witnesses the holocaust?

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spottedslinky eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe the movie version of Oskar Schindler depicts him as a typical business man at the beginning, a manufacturer who sees the war as an opportunity for money-making. His life did not touch the lives of his workers. As the movie progresses, he is faced with one situation after another in which his morality is challenged, and gradually he understands he is connected with the people who are being systematically wiped out through torture and genocide. Pay particular attention to the one spot of color (the little girl's coat). How does he react? It's a symbol for how his "vision" is improving in terms of his fellow humans. Look for scenes where he is challenged and doesn't bend at first, but later sees a need for change.