How does Saroo show that progress comes from struggle?

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Saroo is a determined person who succeeds through perseverance. He shows progress throughout his life. The reader can see his strength even when he initially gets lost. Although he is far from home and frightened, he manages to keep his wits about him. Although luck was a considerable factor in his later adoption, his internal strength kept him going.

As Saroo grows up in Australia, he has to learn a completely new way of life, which he manages to do. At the same time, he puts a lot of effort into trying to remember his earlier life. He worries about his family and decides that he will do everything to retain his memories, although they are few.

In the application of technology—which was at the time innovative—Saroo continues and expands his quest for his family. He does not give up but devotes his energy to thinking of all the details and possible strategies he might use to locate his home. When he arrives in India as well, his determination and perseverance are notable. As a writer reflecting back on those experiences, he is straightforward in sharing with the reader his fears and apprehensions. He admits feeling like a foreigner in his native country. Regardless, he understood the importance of learning his identity and trying to reconnect with his birth family.

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