How does Saroo describe Guddu in A Long Way Home?

Saroo describes Guddu as tall and slim with curly black hair down to his shoulders. He's also light-skinned, and his face resembles his mother's.

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Early on in A Long Way Home, Saroo gives us a fairly detailed description of his older brother Guddu. Like his other older brother, Kallu, Guddu is someone that Saroo instinctively loves and looks up to. He also looks up to Guddu in the literal sense, because he's tall and slim.

In addition, Guddu has curly black hair that comes down to his shoulders. He's light-skinned and his face resembles that of Saroo's mother. As with all the children in the family, Guddu wears hand-me-downs from the neighbors—short shorts and a white shirt. Because it's incredibly hot, neither he nor anyone else has to wear much in the way of clothing, so he doesn't need all that many clothes.

Later on, when their father leaves, Saroo and his brothers are forced to scavenge for food. It is during this unhappy period that Guddu takes on the onerous responsibility of looking after Kallu and Saroo.

At the age of ten, Guddu goes out to work, putting in a six-hour shift washing dishes at a restaurant for which he earns less than half a rupee. This is nowhere near enough for Saroo and his family to live on, so the children are forced to go door to door and beg for leftovers.

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