How does Sarah, Plain and Tall end?

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By the time that the final chapter begins, everybody is super hopeful that Sarah will stay with the family, but nobody is confident that she actually will. The children especially fear that Sarah is getting ready to leave them, and the fact that she is learning to drive the wagon only worries them worse.

Sarah is finally ready to drive the wagon on her own, and the family sees her off early in the morning. The assumption is that she is going into town and will be back by dark, but Caleb firmly believes that Sarah has gone into town to leave for good.

By the time dinner time comes around, Sarah is still not back yet. The family prepares for dinner, but they soon hear the dogs barking. The family runs outside to see what is the matter, and they see that Sarah is returning. Caleb admits that he thought she left because she missed the sea, but Sarah says that she would have missed them more.

Sarah then shows the kids what she went into town for. She pulls out three colored pencils. They are blue, gray, and green, because those are the colors of the sea. Sarah has decided to stay with the family, and the book ends with a section of Anna's journal. She writes about the wonderful life they have built with Sarah and says that a wedding will happen soon.

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